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Personal Insurance

Solo Insurance Services™ provides insurance for your home and auto...
to help protect your future in the event of unexpected circumstances.

Whether it's your first car, second home or third child, we help you by getting you the lowest rates for the coverage you want.  We explain what each type of coverage does, so you can decide what's best for you and your family.  Protect your assets.  What events could jeopardize your family's finances? What could threaten your assets or your earning ability?  How have you prepared to handle these events should they occur?

We recommend developing a personal insurance plan to protect the people you care about and give you peace of mind.  Without a plan:

  • You may be over-insured in some areas and underinsured in others.
  • You may be unaware of the risks to which you are exposed
  • You may be insuring risks that are more emotional than financial in nature.

An insurance plan for your family can help you:

  • Identify those events which pose a financial risk to you or your family
  • Determine which methods you are currently using to manage your risks
  • Identify gaps in your current insurance plan

Our goal is to provide you with an adequate amount of insurance, determined by your needs, at a competitive price. 

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